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The author is a practicing psychotherapist and board certified pastoral counselor, who refocused on her writing after facilitating a spirituality group and participating in a poetry exhibit at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, magazines, and anthologies.


Hollow Houses' Lament

Do sealed, sentient houses lament past lives?
Weeping and wailing in woeful loneliness and hollow longing
to be entered and touched
Humid tears drip, dripping from crossbeams and 
running down scraped wallpaper in rivulets
that water thirsty roses, shriveled and bleeding stigmata.
Fueled by fervid expectancy,
duped by Faustian desire,
Bereft houses barter enduring rock foundations
for spurious sandcastle promises
Of feeling familiar footsteps on splintered floorboards,
and hearing laughter lilting through the echo chambers 
in locked rooms,
While heat pipe organs thump in cadence and cadenza
to melt the ice pond quiet, deep and deadening.
Watchful and waiting for company returning
from whence they have wandered
with time and time, seemingly endless: vast, vacuous, and void
Memories' sepia leftovers crusting on chipped,
bone china plates left from the last supper.

Copyright 2003 Linda Bielowski, Ph.D.


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