Joy Reid

Joy Reid is an Australian Poet. This talented writer has seen wide publication of her poetry both online and in print.


Green little bottle 
     chosen for beauty
no practical function
just eye teasing pleasure.
Plump little paradox
     wriggle your hips
waggle your buttocks
oh sumptuous abandon.
Madeleine urn or
     pert water carrier
	I see you rather
in an odalisque hand.
Vessel of Myrrh or
     musk from the orient
	priceless purchase
with stoppered scent.
Sly genii bower 
     smooth as a jewel
	emerald prison
denying release.	
Shrewd dragon eye
     brooding on plunder
	ancient miser
guarding the hoard.
Coy little bottle
     bereft of purpose
your value to me
is inestimable.

Copyright 1997 Joy Reid

A Little Poetry