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The poetry and prose of Rumjhum Biswas has previously appeared online in Muse India, Shattercolors, The Bare Root Review, Etchings (Australia), The Little Magazine (India), Eclectica, Nth Position (UK), The King's English, Halfway down the Stairs, Arabesques Review, Crannog (Ireland), Clockwise Cat, Chanterelle's Notebook, A Hudson View (SA), Lily Literary Review, The Paumanok Review, Poems Niederngasse (Switzerland), Unlikely Stories, Cerebration (UK), Amarillo Bay, Gowanus, Loch Raven Review, and Southern Ocean Review (New Zealand).

Her poem "Cleavage" was in the longlist of the Bridport Poetry Competition 2006. She won third prize in a poetry contest organized by Unisun Publishers in 2008 and a flash fiction was short listed in the Kala Ghoda Literary Festival 2008 Flash Fiction contest managed by Caferati.

In print her poems have been published in anthologies by Unisun Publishers - The Silken Web, Forward Press Heart & Soul, Take a peek, and Nature's Paradise Poetry Chain 2006 Chennai Poets Anthology. Her short story for The Verb Magazine's "Looking at You Contest" won honorable mention and an excerpt was posted in the October 2007 issue of The Verb.

A link to the poet's website follows at the end of this document.

Rapture of the Deep

The umbra of your soul 
becomes blue here 

where centuries of icy restraint 
are converted 

into popsicle bright, indigo lush layers
of incomprehensible beauty 

You begin to spiral through translucent 
filaments of questions - Why

did the dreamer's dream start to turn and elongate
into the bluebird's song? When

did the artist crush cerulean with marble mortar
to pollinate the waters? How

did the weight of Beryline tunnel through teal with a speed of purpose
more potent than a chalice dipped into Lethe? Can anything

be as quiet as the shades that haunt 
the silences of this watery world? 

We derive so much of succor from the cobalt dish of sky 
gently pouring into oceans, lakes and rivers. Yet, 

sailors dread that deep dive where azure and ultramarine lie
counting time on ocean washed spherules 

swept aside by the webbed and finned, 
the fronded and plumed mysteries.

Everything is stilled by the deep 
singing a certain unspoken song 

of such soul numbing beauty 
that you cannot, you must not, and you do not 

even try to return to your harsh world 
of unquiet colour

 2008 Rumjhum Biswas







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