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Featured Poet


Anne Fraser is a poet living in Seattle, Washington. She works as a paralegal and holds a BA in Law and Justice from Central Washington University. Anne has been writing since 2002; her work has been published internationally in the small press and with numerous internet journals. Anne is also among those poets whose work is featured with the online anthology “A Passage Through August”.

Add Ingredients And Stir

Short uneven strokes,
this random walk among separated pieces,
another day's cast-offs left to simmer,
green tomatoes,
carrot stubs
grains of rice to fatten
under remnants of a wing.

This heat knows nothing but itself,
the boil of moments shared
in intimate conversation,
the yield of water
into steam.

I know the crack of thunder,
the cold, the dark,
a touch that comes too sudden
or too hard.
And I have known hunger,
steam that beats against the lid -
that way of seeing.

Copyright © 2005 Anne Fraser