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Lisa Zaran Lisa Zaran is a poet living in Arizona. Her work has appeared in hundreds of literary journals, magazines and anthologies worldwide. Her newest book of poems, If it We (Lummox Press) is available through the publisher or at Amazon.com/other retailers. Previous works include, The Blondes Lay Content, available through her website, The Sometimes Girl, available at Innercirclepublishing.com as well as many retailers. A chapbook, You Have A Lovely Heart, is available through the publisher at www.celaine.com/LittlePoemPress.

A Sample of Lisa Zaran's work follows. You can find more of this extraordinary poet's work throughout the pages of A Little Poetry and by following the links provided at the end of this document.

Conditions Uncertain

I was alone.
It was late and the sky
was a storm.
It feels good sometimes
not knowing what might happen.
How the elements might act.
Whether or not the sky will crack
open or the wind will pitch
a hardball against the side
of my small house.
If destiny will decide
to topple my overgrown mesquite tree
into the neighbor's yard, who knows.
When the gods act up,
we don't ask why.
We keep quiet.
We wait.

Copyright 2005 Lisa Zaran








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